Grace Mikell Ramsey
Through my work I explore the relationship between fantasy and reality through narrative, allowing the viewer to ponder the secrets of an insular world. There are mysteries in the spaces I’ve created, as well as moments of uncanny familiarity. While I don’t expect people to specifically recognize these scenes, I would like them to think, viscerally and abstractly: I’ve seen or felt or dreamed this before. Dichotomies of hope and despair, freedom and confinement, and exhibitionism and secrecy create spaces of tension in the paintings. My characters seek safety and revel in possibility—but something darker lurks. The desirable might very well be dangerous; immaculate surroundings prove too good to be true. In a world that seems to be lacking, beautiful alternatives emerge, but make one wonder—with what price does this gift come? What might be sacrificed with a leap into the unknown, with a gamble to explore a new reality? In a colorful fantasy world, happiness is everywhere but strangely unattainable. These narratives offer an escape, but often linger on those moments when contentment seems out of reach.